What makes a home look great? What priorities are driving us when arranging a room? The care for our children, our concern for peace of mind? Family privacy or the working environment? Harmony of forms, volumes and colors? Whatever our approach is, the light essentially influences our perceptions and therefore, our mood. Colors, shapes, volumes, contours whether defined or fade depending on the angle and intensity of the light apparently is changing along with it. Allow us 10 minutes and we'll share some suggestions based on our experience in working with materials that shapes the light.
If style refers to the shape, the need relates to a function. If the style presumes subjectivity and intuition, the need is totally objective and logic. The need determine questions that arise when we think of covering the window: "Does it provide enough privacy?, Will it retain heat inside in the winter or the cool air during the warmer months? What degree of light control it offers?"
When we talk about space we mean the space of a room. Even if all rooms are equipped with sun-protection systems or only one window, our advice is to consider the options you have for each room. The room size, colors, exposure to natural light, and of course, its destination, all these are playing an important role when choosing protection systems of the window.
The style is relative. Fashion is under a constant change, as well as tastes. Even the language used to define the style is very subjective (which seems contemporary ones, can be modern for others). To help you define, refine, confirm or even discover your style - while using accessible language - we have gathered for you below some suggestions.
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Choosing the right protection for your windows can sometimes be difficult. Due to the large variety of products existing in this moment, how can we know which is the best solution? And which is the most suitable to our needs?
Measuring and Installation
Over time, a house can change it's shape, thus contributing to change the shape of the windows. Even to the newly built homes, windows can not be very well designed. For these reasons, it is quite difficult specifying the exact size of a window.
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